PS Fire Mosaic

As the first portion of Project Spectrum "Fire" comes to a close I have compiled some lovely images of fire inspired photos from my favorites at Flickr. I have realized I truly don't have much "Fire" in my life and am not drawn towards fire colors initially. But due to this project I have slowly tried to introduce more of this element into my home, into my life if only just as small accents. I have made a few purchases of items in Fire colors including a lovely Fuschia Pink silk blouse and some red/orange yarn for an undetermined future knitting project.

1. Psychedelic, 2. Blomkarse - Tropaeolum majus, 3. Bjarnims :), 4. Mighty Mississippi Detail, 5. UTEs picture church door Bad Wildungen, 6. Tulip, 7. By The Numbers, 8. fading autumn leaves, 9. keys, 10. Treasured Trash, 11. Cores de Outono, 12. DSC_0063, 13. pearls in a glass, 14. Love Shack "art", 15. Ethnic Wall Decor, 16. Dressed for Dance, 17. Carrots, 18. celebrating, 19. Untitled, 20. DSC_0091, 21. Untitled, 22. coenogonium implexum on taxodium distichum, spring lake, jackson county, florida 5, 23. Blowing Ghingkhos, 24. yum two, 25. Gazania

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