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This site is so cool (just click on the title entry for the link), for designers, artists or anyone who likes to fool around with cool hi tech gizmos...

ATC's Sent

Here are a few of the latest batch of ATC's sent for a swap. The theme was Handmade rubber stamps, each ATC had to be made with prints from my own handmade stamps.


Reflection on Summer-Autumnal Equinox

"Autumn's pleasures and rituals revolve around the gathering of abundance in preparation for the winter to come...The same stirring that inspires animals to burrow deep into the earth compels us to celebrate the rich bounty we instinctively know will not appear again until springtime...
Apearances deceive in autumn. The transformations undergone by living beings seem much more like endings than the transitions they really are. Dormancy, not death, is the hallmark of fall...but remember to rejoice in the beauty of nature where every finale serves as an overture for a new beginning." ~Daily Om


Textiles of Klimt's Vienna

Last PM I attended a wonderful lecture (the first in a series of 6) at The Textile Museum in DC. The lecture topic was "Textiles of Klimt's Vienna" and there is currently a corresponding exhibit of textiles at the Museum. The lecture was given by Angela Volker of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. It was spectacular. Even with a degree in textiles I must admit I didn't know much about this era's textiles. I bought her book on the subject titled "Textiles of the Wiener Werkstatte". The book does a fabulous job of showing designs and their end applications (either carpets, upholstery or fashion fabrics).

I was struck by how innovative this period was in textiles as well as other applied arts. These artists wanted to break away from the traditional and popular art/style of the period. The succedded in creating quite a unique asthetic of work which was well received by a rather small but supportive group in society. The best way I can describe this group is as a guild or workshop of artists and apprentices. It evolved over the years to be more of a corporation with a specific "brand identity". They were relatively successful but never reached main stream with their works and this was not their intent. There was also the usual controversy with the artists that founded the group as they grew and evolved their mission became "more mainstream". But they continued to put out unique and identifiable work under their own rights. I'm amazed at how things change but never change, a few artists produced designs for them under their own names but the majority of the designs were done by unknown artists. I was reminded of Martha Stewart as I sat listening to this lecture, because of her far reaching products (from utensils to houses) and her strong corporate identity and her ability to reach markets at different price points. I'm sure that their is not a direct parallel but there are some resemblances to today's market place even though MSL has become available and acceptable to the masses. The Wiener Werkstatte came to a rather abrupt end (in the 30's) as the market for their works seemed to have exhaused itself or evolved into something different but history has been left with a well documented period of works wich leave much to be studied and learned from.


Dorothy Draper Auction-Alexandria VA

I stumbled across an auction site with an upcoming large auction of Dorothy Draper decorative furnishings and accessories. Luckily the Auction house is right in Alexandria VA so I think I'll go have a look this weekend durring the preview.
Here are some of the pieces I loved.


Postage ATC's Sent

Liberty Postage ATC

Carousel Postage ATC

Bird Postage ATC

Flower Postage ATC


The Thread Project

While we were in Charleston Charlotte and I had a chance to attend the Weavers reception Friday PM since we both wove panels in The Thread Project cloth, Hope Materializing. It was a great experience meeting other weavers who were involved in this project and seeing how the project has come together over the past 5 years and has really been "born" into the world in a larger way then I think anyone could have immagined, except for maybe Terry who had the vision all along. I got to meet Author Sue Monk Kidd and she is a lovely and inspirational lady.

Charleston & Mitch's Mural

Our trip to Charleston was a blast. We stayed with good friends Charlotte and Mitch and their 4Yr old son Leighton. They have a beautiful new home that features a large painted mural by Mitch. We had a wonderful dinner at dinner at Cypress: A Low Country Grill and then went for some live jazz at Mistral Restaurant. Saturday AM Charlotte and I went to a Nia class and what a BLAST it was. She had told me about this form of exercise that incorporates Dance, Yoga and forms of Martial Arts and so it was totally fun to get to try it with her for the first time. I've already made plans to attend Nia classes close to home. It's the first time in a couple years I've been this excited about a form of exercise, it's just FUN!

East Taylor St.

I could go on and on with the photo's of Savannah but if you want to see more please go to my Flickr page.

Moss on Fence in front of Oak Tree at Old Chatham Hospital

Dining Room-700 Drayton

Savannah Ironwork

Lobby/Lounge-Mansion at Forsyth

Cathedral of St. John the Babtist

Amy and Lukes Wedding-Savannah GA

We had such a great trip to Savannah by way of Charleston to attend a college friends wedding. It was at the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Babtist which I'm ashamed to say we never went into durring the time we lived in Savannah. It was a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful to get to attend and see how happy Amy and Luke are. The romance of the event was infectious. We stayed at the fabulous new Mansion at Forsyth, wow what a treat that was! We had a great time playing tourists in our old city. I woke up Sunday AM and had a walk in and around Forsyth Park and was just amazed at what a beautiful city Savannah is. It just seems unreal that people actually get to live in such a beautiful palace day in and out! On the way out of town we meet up with an old professor of mine from SCAD and I got to see the new Fibers Department building. I was so impressed because when I attended in '96-'98 there were probably between 30-50 or so students in our department, now there are over 150! Go FIBERS! On the return trip to Charleston we stopped by our favorite pizza place Vinnie Van Go Go's to pick up two pizza's which we packed in a cooler and ate with Charlotte and Mitch back in Charleston. Okay, it wasn't quite as good that way but we got our Vinnies fix!


Kitty Abuse




Long weekend

This has been a busy long weekend and it's not over yet. Wow, two parties, picking up Ebay furniture and a quick trip to NY to drop off the desk Brendan has built for Ryan. We got a dining table and chairs from EBay and we picked them up locally. To our supprise they are better than we expected but will still require refinishing and re-upolstering of the chairs. I'll upload photo's of the finished project once completed. I went to water the Master Gardeners Demo garden and took a peak at the gardens "next door" of the National Capital Dahlia Society and was blown away. There seriously were "dinner plate" size Dahlia's there, they are spectacular! Last PM we caught up with Highschool friends at Glen and Angies annual Margaritaville party and I made the cats play along... Will post photo's of the great desk Brendan built once we have it in place at Ryans. Enjoy the long weekend!