loofa ~harvest time

loofa harvest
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we haven't yet cut the vines but they've been frost bitten. we have harvested about 8 large loofa (between 16-24"). did you know you can eat them when they are small (under 8" or so)? i didn't realize it until i came across the info in another blog and i tried them cooked like zuccini, they are very good! we have been doing all the regular fall cleanup in the yard but i've also planted lettuce, nasturtium, arugula and cilantro for the colder season. we haven't quite had a hard freeze but i expect it will happen while we are away.

we depart tomorrow for Argentina for 10 days so i'll be away but back in mid Nov. with lots of photo's and excitement to share.

Diebold leaks election results~


13 Days to Vote!

13 Days to Vote!
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PHEW! Done, we rocked our vote yesterday. We will be out of the country in Argentina for the election so we cast our absentee ballot's yesterday. Get out there and get it done!



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i attended a lecture 2 weeks ago on organic lawn care by Paul Tukey and this is the book he has recently published on the subject. somehow i thought organic lawn care would be a difficult subject to tackle but he broke it down into simple easy to follow steps.
1. reseed, reseed, reseed
2. compost, compost, compost
3. mow that lawn high and recycle the grass clippings right back onto the lawn
4. spray the lawn with compost tea, this activates the micro organisms that are alive it the soil so they can get to work
5. water properly (long and deep and in the am)
6. only create lawn where you will use it and enjoy it.
the last is probably the best advice and most important! if you don't use your lawn, why do you have it? convert some to wildflowers, some to vegetables, some to trees, shrubs and other plantings.

the book goes into a lot more detail but there are many free resources such as videos on the safe lawns website. now's the time to get that lawn ready for next year, if you love it use it, if not get rid of it!


Daily Ray of Hope photo today

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this photo was choosen by sierra club for use in their daily ray of hope email.

You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind.
-- Timothy Leary

is she qualified?

a bit long but well researched video on Sarah Palin's experience and qualification. the video is cut off on the left but it's really what is said, not shown here that's important.