Mosaic Monday~PS Water II

enjoy these beautiful water inspired images~with hopes to bring you through the week feeling cool and relaxed.

1. stars, 2. Blue Tulips, 3. Cloudwatching, 4. tea break, 5. coastkeh, 6. blue planet, 7. Handmade fabric flower brooch, 8. Café Glockenspiel III - Munich, 9. sparkly water


Happy Summer Day

Happy Summer Day
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have a great weekend!


Mongtomery County Agricultural Fair

it's county fair time, through Aug. 17th and the weather couldn't be any better! i've been volunteering at the demo gardens run by the master gardeners in our county and i was there on Sunday during the parade. there were some darling kids (one fell asleep below in the window of the truck), a pink tractor and lots of 4H floats. in a time when kids seemingly grow up too quickly it was encouraging and fun to see so many kids participating in 4H events.

the demo gardens includes several different types of beds such as a "Bay Wise" garden bed, a Xeriscape bed, vegetables and a rain garden. we also bring in this "Salad table" designed by University of MD. it's quite a simple design and i plan to make one for use this fall. they are perfect for greens, peppers, radish, herbs and other shallow root plants.

i took a walk through the rabbit barn and almost brought this rex home with me! so sweet, so soft, someday!

enjoy the rest of these images which to me are the quintessential summer fair.

happy summer, enjoy what is left of it!


Project Spectrum ~Water

the beginning of august signaled the final element for project spectrum; water. water is an element that obviously we can not live without. i have this theory that since i was born in the tropics near water it has become a vital, essential element for me to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled in my life. perhaps it has something to do with the sign i was born under as well but never the less i am always more relaxed and happy when i spend time around or in water.

i keep various things around the house to remind me of water including my model ship, (built by my grandfather), shells and blue accents which especially lend themselves to summertime.

during the summer i always get to spend more time around water with visits to the beach, pools, some boating if i am lucky and an annual river tubing trip in August etc.

i am also incorporating the colors of water (blue, teal, purple, etc) into my art projects and reading a couple books (Fountainhead by Ayn Rand & Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum M. Roberts that relate to water in one way or another. spend the rest of the summer soaking up the cool, refreshing and vital life that water has to offer you.


Final Round Collaborative Block LayersProject

this project which began in early '08 is finally coming to a close. below are the blocks i've completed (minus 2 photo's) of which i am keeping 4 and shipping the remaining. each round has been inspiring, thought provoking & creatively insistent that i keep going with it. it has not always been easy knowing what to contribute but that's both the challenge and joy of a collaborative project. i have yet to receive the remaining blocks from the other artists but i'm waiting with high anticipation. for now i have my blocks hanging from a mobile but will eventually find another home for them, perhaps a few will be framed. as i shipped my final blocks out there were a few that i just knew were intended to go to certain people. i'll cherish this project and all the blocks i receive.