Final Round Collaborative Block LayersProject

this project which began in early '08 is finally coming to a close. below are the blocks i've completed (minus 2 photo's) of which i am keeping 4 and shipping the remaining. each round has been inspiring, thought provoking & creatively insistent that i keep going with it. it has not always been easy knowing what to contribute but that's both the challenge and joy of a collaborative project. i have yet to receive the remaining blocks from the other artists but i'm waiting with high anticipation. for now i have my blocks hanging from a mobile but will eventually find another home for them, perhaps a few will be framed. as i shipped my final blocks out there were a few that i just knew were intended to go to certain people. i'll cherish this project and all the blocks i receive.

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cici said...

What a great project. The blocks are very unique, refreshing and inspiring. Thanks:D