Mongtomery County Agricultural Fair

it's county fair time, through Aug. 17th and the weather couldn't be any better! i've been volunteering at the demo gardens run by the master gardeners in our county and i was there on Sunday during the parade. there were some darling kids (one fell asleep below in the window of the truck), a pink tractor and lots of 4H floats. in a time when kids seemingly grow up too quickly it was encouraging and fun to see so many kids participating in 4H events.

the demo gardens includes several different types of beds such as a "Bay Wise" garden bed, a Xeriscape bed, vegetables and a rain garden. we also bring in this "Salad table" designed by University of MD. it's quite a simple design and i plan to make one for use this fall. they are perfect for greens, peppers, radish, herbs and other shallow root plants.

i took a walk through the rabbit barn and almost brought this rex home with me! so sweet, so soft, someday!

enjoy the rest of these images which to me are the quintessential summer fair.

happy summer, enjoy what is left of it!


cici said...

I love these photo shots. Looks like so much fun. Summer is complete once you've been to the fair. Thanks:D

Matthew said...

Wonderful photos!

We go to the fair every year - my husband makes Jellies, Pickles and other yummies made with his hot peppers...he wins! He says he loves to beat out the little blue-haired ladies who enter into the home arts.