Project Spectrum ~Water

the beginning of august signaled the final element for project spectrum; water. water is an element that obviously we can not live without. i have this theory that since i was born in the tropics near water it has become a vital, essential element for me to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled in my life. perhaps it has something to do with the sign i was born under as well but never the less i am always more relaxed and happy when i spend time around or in water.

i keep various things around the house to remind me of water including my model ship, (built by my grandfather), shells and blue accents which especially lend themselves to summertime.

during the summer i always get to spend more time around water with visits to the beach, pools, some boating if i am lucky and an annual river tubing trip in August etc.

i am also incorporating the colors of water (blue, teal, purple, etc) into my art projects and reading a couple books (Fountainhead by Ayn Rand & Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum M. Roberts that relate to water in one way or another. spend the rest of the summer soaking up the cool, refreshing and vital life that water has to offer you.

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