Art Farm at Red Wiggler

I spent a few hours this Saturday volunteering at Red Wiggler (See links left) which is the CSA I belong to. They participated in the annual Montgomery County (Farm Alliance) Farm Tour and Harvest Sale of which they are one of the "Art Farms" on the tour. There were stilt walkers, drum circles, veggies for sale, bands in the barn, site specific sculptures and other various happenings. I particpated in a "Peace" project where we all spelled out the word and symbols for peace while a plane flew over and took video. I should get a link to that eventually. I always enjoy seeing people out enjoying the farm durring this event and I certainly look forward to my weekly visits to the farm to pick up my share. It is so peaceful and pleasant and I LOVE the PYO (Pick your own) flowers and herbs. I forgot my camera so I used my Treo and took some shots, they aren't great but you can view a few Here . I had a little fun in Photoshop with a few of them, especially the sunflower and funny colored cherry tomatoes.


Book Arts Project

The Book Project started last fall with 12 fellow friends, artists etc. My friend Erin (who I've done ATC's with) wanted to start a larger project where multiple artists were involved and we each got to have a piece of each others art. So the idea was born, the group of people were choosen and we each had to choose a theme or topic and create our own books. Over the last 10 months we have been rotating said books between us all and creating artwork in each others books. Please go Here to see all the photos. This photo is of my book "Touch".

Going Live

Hi All,

I'm such a perfectionista that I've been sitting on this blog for a bit now and saying I would get it right before using it but why? I've decided I'm just going to jump in and learn as I go. I had this idea that starting a blog would be "easy" or at least easier than starting a website but HA, not so. Anyways, here it is and I'll perfect it as I go along. I've been busy with work, CSA and Master Gardener stuff as well as summer time fun such as Tubing last weekend and swimming etc. Summer goes so quickly, I'm trying to savor the flavor. Okay, so I've posted some links to sites I love, I love to use and sites of friends I love. Check them out and let me know if there's something great out there I should check out. Soon I hope to have a link to B's website since he bought his domain name for his new company: Sub Urban Solution. He's been so busy with jobs it's amazing! I'm still trying to figure some things out here and I'll soon have a link to my Flickr Photo sets. Off to take a walk!