Art Farm at Red Wiggler

I spent a few hours this Saturday volunteering at Red Wiggler (See links left) which is the CSA I belong to. They participated in the annual Montgomery County (Farm Alliance) Farm Tour and Harvest Sale of which they are one of the "Art Farms" on the tour. There were stilt walkers, drum circles, veggies for sale, bands in the barn, site specific sculptures and other various happenings. I particpated in a "Peace" project where we all spelled out the word and symbols for peace while a plane flew over and took video. I should get a link to that eventually. I always enjoy seeing people out enjoying the farm durring this event and I certainly look forward to my weekly visits to the farm to pick up my share. It is so peaceful and pleasant and I LOVE the PYO (Pick your own) flowers and herbs. I forgot my camera so I used my Treo and took some shots, they aren't great but you can view a few Here . I had a little fun in Photoshop with a few of them, especially the sunflower and funny colored cherry tomatoes.

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Rebecca said...

Nice job & very prfessional,
must be because you are a weaver