Gardening Community Volunteering

I've been spending quite a bit of time on the weekends volunteering at my CSA (Red Wiggler) and the Mo. Co. Master Gardeners . I've been shocked to discover there are really NO Community Gardens in the DC Metro area (specifically Montgomery County). In my opinion the reason for the lack in this area may be due to the general perceived "value" of the land. I don't see too many empty lots sitting around in the upper areas of Mo. Co, this may be a common problem with urban sprawl. I tend to associate community gardens with cities but I think there is just as much need in "suburbia". People can be disconnected from the land and have no place to garden even outside the city. Along this train of thought I've also recently come upon the idea of Guerrilla Gardening and have found a few blogs and websites devoted to the idea of nocturnal beautification of barren spots in urban areas. It is quite a great idea. I'm going to start scouting spots for either a Com. Garden or some Guerrilla Gardening. Do you have a community garden? Do you have a small plot of land you could plant some herbs, flowers or other plants? Gardening is good for the soul and reaping the rewards of locally grown food/flowers is reward for all the hard work that gardening requires.

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