Weekend Follies

We had a great 2nd tubing trip of the summer last Saturday up in Harpers Ferry despite having our little river ride cut short by the intense lightning and thunderstorms that passed through. We ended up walking the last bit of the "ride" all under huge trees on the C&O canal footpath, we were even hailed on but it was still fun! I'm not sure if any one was seriously injured that day but our group felt the lightning "strike" the river, we had a nice shock that got our butts out of there. I got to go and see two great Textile art exhibits in Baltimore on Sunday with my friend Kara. We saw a Nuno exhibit and I got to see The Quilts of Gee's Bend for a second time which was a really wonderful exhibit! They both were so inspirational. I'm recharged for another week before the long weekend that will include a couple parties and a trip to NY to see Ryan and meet the new love of his life who will arrive from Norway tomorrow!

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