Long weekend

This has been a busy long weekend and it's not over yet. Wow, two parties, picking up Ebay furniture and a quick trip to NY to drop off the desk Brendan has built for Ryan. We got a dining table and chairs from EBay and we picked them up locally. To our supprise they are better than we expected but will still require refinishing and re-upolstering of the chairs. I'll upload photo's of the finished project once completed. I went to water the Master Gardeners Demo garden and took a peak at the gardens "next door" of the National Capital Dahlia Society and was blown away. There seriously were "dinner plate" size Dahlia's there, they are spectacular! Last PM we caught up with Highschool friends at Glen and Angies annual Margaritaville party and I made the cats play along... Will post photo's of the great desk Brendan built once we have it in place at Ryans. Enjoy the long weekend!

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this is a great photo !!