Collaborative Block Swap:1st Layer

1st Layers Sent
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These 12 blocks are the first base layers sent for the "Collaborative Block Swap" project I am hosting. There are 10 artists and we will each send 4 blocks to three people, create a layer on the blocks and swap them until we have 6 layers including the base. We will then each have 12 4" blocks created by collaboration between 10 artists. We can assemble them completed in any way we choose, perhaps a book, or framed in an assemblage on the wall? Who knows. I love the process of working in collaboration with others, it allows you to expand your horizions and branch out or your confort zone.

Smarty Hat

Smarty Hat
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This is the hat I knit up in about 3 hours to go with the felted mittens for our snowboarding trip. Quick and easy...


On the lift

On the lift
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We made it back from our trip to the Pocono Mt's in one piece! We spent two days learning the basics of snowboarding. Neither of us have skied for years so we had a choice of either "learning" to ski again or learning to snowboard. We both choose to try snowboarding the first day with the intention to ski on Saturday. I started out riding "goofy" which means right foot forward because I forewent proper classes and learned with some pointers from friends. Okay, it didn't go too badly. We went down the long beginner green slope by the end of the day at Shawnee. We didn't wear helmets and B whacked his head quite nicely a couple of times. Because of this he decided to ski on Saturday and I wanted to keep snowboarding. Saturday we went to Camelback which had much better (Burton) and newer boards and boots. By part of the way through Saturday B switched his ski's for a board and tried again. I realized I wasn't "goofy" and managed to make a bit more progress with fully strapping in rather than just gliding and sideslipping with one foot in and one out. We both want to do more boarding because we really enjoyed it even though we are still in pain. It's quite a full body workout and a challenge trying something new like this but there is nothing better to help you forget your normal life complaints and stresses.

New Inspiration, new year

New Inspiration, new year
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I cleaned off my inspiration wall and started fresh for the new year. There are more subdued colors and homey feels to these images. I suppose that's due to our winter "nesting" instincts.

Felted Mittens:Before and After

These are the first pair of mittens I have knitted and felted. They were so easy and so much fun and I love how they turned out, especially the green thumb. I will make more. Now I'm ready to tackle socks!

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday
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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

-- Albert Einstein


Rosebud & Snow

Rosebud & Snow
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The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.
-- Margaret Atwood


Muleh Lighting

I have always had a fascination with lighting design. I first came across these beautiful silk cocoon "chandeliers" last May at ICFF. I thought I would share their delicate forms with you here. I think I like them so much because they bring together the organic nature of the silk cocoon with simple form to create stunning lights. Muleh's website.

Love these Fabrics

I recently stumbled across the following fabrics that I really love. I am really drawn to bright colors again right not, must be the long dark days of winter.

Aqua Cloisonne by Kaffe Fasset(above)

Blue Persimmons by Kaffe Fasset(above)

Turkish Delight-Jewel by Kaffe Fasset(above)

Ochre Grandiose by Philip Jacobs (above)

Green Lichen by Kaffe Fasset (above)

Tree Ring by Martha Negley (above)

Bottle Island by Kaffe Fasset (above)

Gold Tulip by Philip Jacobs (above)

Gold Bold Stripe by Kaffe Fasset (above)

Monday Mosaics (Flavorful Fav's)

Monday Mosaics (Flavorful Fav's)
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The reoccuring colors (Brights-blues, yellows, purples) and theme of circles are present in these favorites chose for this weeks mosaic.



I think we all agree, the past is over.
This is still a dangerous world.
It's a world of manmen and uncertainty
And potential mental losses.

Rarely is the question asked
Is our children learning?
Will the highways of the Internet
Become more few?

How many hands have I shaked?
They misunderestimate me.
I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.

I know that the human being
And the fish can coexist.
Families is where our nation finds hope,
Where our wings take dream.

Put food on your family!
Knock down the tollbooth!
Vulcanize society!
Make the pie higher!
I am the Decider!

2009 we will see the end of an error and hopefully not the beginning of another one. This short poem was made up entirely of actual quotations from George W. Bush. These have been arranged, only for aesthetic purposes, by Washington Post writer, Richard Thompson. A wonderful Haiku poem like this is too good not to share.


Mosaic Monday Favorites

Mosaic Monday Favorites
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This weeks Favorites. This week I am loving all things frosty, teal, purple & white with a few other beauties thrown in there.


Mosaic Mondays

Recent Favorites
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Okay, I know it's already Tuesday but I did create this Mosaic on Monday (yesterday). I will do my best to post a new mosaic of favorites from other Flickr users every Monday this year. Not a resolution but I do love to see how the things I've favorited come together in these mosaics, they are very inspiring!

Project Spectrum

Ths Year I'll be participating in Project Spectrum. For those of you who haven't heard about it, it's not too late to check it out and join in the fun. This is the third year for project spectrum and the theme this year is "Elements". The idea of this group is to celebrate color in your daily life, crafts and hobbies. I will incorporate Project Spectrum into the Crafting, Art, Gardening, Cooking and possibly the Reading I do this year. Below is a breakdown of what colors correspond to each Element. I hope you will consider celebrating the color around you this year!

FEBRUARY/MARCH- FIRE- orange, red, pink

APRIL/MAY- EARTH - green, brown, metallics

JUNE/JULY - AIR - gray, white, yellow

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER- WATER - blue, black, purple


Lake Como

Lake Como
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I am delighted to tell you that this photo I took on my trip to Italy has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fourth edition of the Schmap Milan Guide. Follow the link to the right to see the full Schmap Milan guide or others. It's a cool city guide that uses photos to hilight attractions of various cities.


Project Linus and Wordsmith.org

Yesterday I was headed into one of the county facilities here for our monthly Master Gardener meeting and I went in through a different door than normal and found myself surrounded by afgans, boxes of yarn, sewing machines and women knitting and sewing. Wow, that was complete serindepity! What I found was the local capter meeting of Project Linus! They are structured in such a way that really makes it easy to bring donations on a monthly basis and they have late hours on alternate months to accomodate those of us who work durring the day. I'm so happy I went in throught the wrong door!

I was also very happy today to find a way to link to the Wordsmith.org's A.Word.A.Day to which I have been a suscriber for years now. So, now you can enjoy their word of a day right here along with their quote of the day.


January Monthly Scavenger Hunt


1. Yard art
2. Exercise
3. Look what I’ve got
4. Low fat
5. In case of emergency
6. Footprints
7. You only live once
8. One number
9. U-turn
10. Askew
11. Restaurant menu
12. English Muffin
13. Humorous sign
14. Amen
15. Vacant
16. Inside my refrigerator
17. Notice
18. Fish
19. Useless
20. Negative


Happy New Year~2008

No resolutions to speak of other than this one:


Cheers, may this year be filled with peace, fun, love, happiness, success, warmth and good health.

Fuzzy White Scarf

Fuzzy White Scarf
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This handwoven scarf is one I made and gave to my brothers girlfriend for Christmas. I used a merino wool and mohair warp with a merino wool weft. Super fuzzy, soft and warm. Hope it keeps her toasty this winter

Winter Matchbox

Winter Matchbox- inside
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Here is the latest Matchbox swap I sent out right before Christmas. The theme was "Winter" and this was a fun one to make. Enclosed in the box were the red star/snowflake (shrinky dink ), googly eyes, some tags, small and tiny pom poms, mini buttons, star and snowflake confetti among other items. I love finding the most unusual things to inclued in these mini "gift boxes".