Project Linus and Wordsmith.org

Yesterday I was headed into one of the county facilities here for our monthly Master Gardener meeting and I went in through a different door than normal and found myself surrounded by afgans, boxes of yarn, sewing machines and women knitting and sewing. Wow, that was complete serindepity! What I found was the local capter meeting of Project Linus! They are structured in such a way that really makes it easy to bring donations on a monthly basis and they have late hours on alternate months to accomodate those of us who work durring the day. I'm so happy I went in throught the wrong door!

I was also very happy today to find a way to link to the Wordsmith.org's A.Word.A.Day to which I have been a suscriber for years now. So, now you can enjoy their word of a day right here along with their quote of the day.

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platitudinal said...

I think Anu does a great job in categorizing the words in various and interesting themes. I also like the quotations at the end :)