Herbalist, story teller Doug Elliott

Herbalist & story teller Doug Elliott spent the day at Red Wiggler farm this past Saturday leading nature walks, identifying useful herbs and telling stories. i've seen and heard him twice now and he is truly an energetic, positive & joyful person to be around. he is full of interesting antidotes, stories, wisdom and useful information. one thing i am trying to do as a master gardener is identify more native and other useful plants.

Doug talking about the many uses of stinging nettle

a boutonniere made of burdock burrs and a small flower will naturally stick to clothing. he also mentioned that the man who invented velcro was inspired by the burdock burrs.

chicory Flower

plantain- roots and leaves (can be used as a poultice)

POISONOUS~ Hemlock or Cowbane

Oxcalis~leaves can be eaten in salads to lend a tangy, sour taste.
*please see further information regarding plant use since many plants may have parts that are edible and other parts poisonous (or certain preparation must be followed for safe use).

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