Collaborative Block Layers~Round 2

Here are the 12 blocks I've sent out to my partners for Round 2 of the Collaborative Block Layers Project I'm hosting and participating in. Each block will have a total of 5 layers, each layer being completed by different artitst as we shuffle blocks and rotate each rounds. Each artits participating will end up with 12 4" blocks to keep. The project has been very fun so far, seeing the materials each person is using and how others react to the materials and colors. I am enjoying the process of collaboration and it has me looking at materials all around me differently.
1. RedLayer2, 2. RedBlueLayer2-B, 3. WhiteBlueLayer2, 4. BrownLayer2-B, 5. BlueLayer2-B, 6. PurlpeLayer2-B, 7. GoldOrangeLayer2, 8. WhiteLayer2, 9. BlueLayer2, 10. TealLayer2, 11. PurlpeLayer2, 12. RedLayer2-B

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