March of the Tools

Yesterday while parusing through my Flickr contact's new photo's I came across the lovely banner (to the right) and had to follow through to see what it was all about. Heather Bailey came up with the clever idea of featuring all those wonderful tools we use on a daily basis to make our lives more fun and hopefully in many cases easier. She is a very talented lady so check her out if you are not already familiar with her. There is also a new corresponding March of the Tools Flickr Group. So for the remainder of March I'll be featuring some of the fun tools I use for crafting, cooking and other areas of my life. The first two here are my new/old additions to my tool collection. The Underwood Typewriter was a recent steal for $1 that I found at the local Senior center. I have used it but the cap's lock doesn't work and the ribbon is not the right size so it takes a lot of fumbling about. I will literally bang out a few more pages for posterity before I disassemble it for the keys and other interesting parts.

The Antique Singer came to me via my Mother in Law recently and I have not got it up and running yet but once I get the replacement belt I fully plan to do so. I believe it will be a joy to use such a simple and well designed tool.

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