Jewelry Artists I love~

I've stumbled across a couple of amazing Jewelry artists recently. There are so many artists and designers working across mediums and I am always drawn to metal and fibers together, or fibers as jewelry/metals as clothing. I love the juxtaposition of these materials but it seems that neither of these designers uses the tradtional material of Metals in their jewelry.

Tanvi Kant creates jewelry 'Inspired by the hand-stitched hem of my mother’s silk sari I began by using yarns unpicked from reclaimed textiles to sew around strips torn from the same fabrics...'
I love that these pieces incorporate a sense of culture, history and hand and are ethical in their reuse of materials.

Yoko Izawa Envelopes ambiguous and unknow base shapes within etherial nets of fiber. These forms remind me of the traditional textile dyeing process of shibori in that the fabric has some object imbedded within it. But rather than using forms to create shapes within fabric Yoko uses the fibers to wrap the form so that it becomes it's own object of mystery.

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