More ACC Roundup

You probably thought I forgot... I've been sick and various other things have popped up but as promised I wanted to wrap up the highlights of what I found at the ACC show in Baltimore. This is by no means comprehensive and the ACC website has great photo's of exhibitors work by category (Wearable, Jewelry, Ceramics, Wood etc). A few things just had to come home with me, I'll start with those artists.

A pair of earrings similar to these from Rina Young . This shape (simple outline of a leaf) was EVERYWHERE!

This"Piccolo" clutch by Wendy Stevens ended up being my big splurge of the day. I needed an evening bag and if this isn't the modern woman's I don't know what would be!

Elyse Allen's fingerless gloves were being sported all over the show and they were our last stop of the day. I got a pair and so did my mom. I went for the studded version and my mom went for the swarovski crystal version, both very fashionable and fun to wear!

Her work has been featured in various magazines such as Selvedge (Issue #13), Fiberarts (Sept/Oct '04), Nylon, Vogue Knitting and others. She started as a weaver and has recently left her position of full time Textile professor at RISD to pursue her business, she is also a very nice person, very sweet!

And a pair of Bee earrings similar to these by Thomas Mann were an early (8 months!) birthday gift from my mom.

The rest didn't make it home with me this year but caught my eye!
This beautiful knotted vessel is by Joh Ricci~Earthwalk Studio
John Petrey's whimsical sculptures use all sorts of found objects.
Hats and scarves are a couple of the items by Elisabethan who makes almost all of their fashionable goods from recycled/reclaimed fabrics (old clothes etc). So cute and no guilt!
Mixed media artists Allyn Cantor

A few other things that I don't have photo's of are worth mentioning such as the felt and silver jewelry by Michele Friedman .
A beautiful gold rayon knit scarf by Younger Knits.
Silk jackets by Joyce Fogle

I'll try to post the same sort of round up for the upcoming Smithsonian Craft Show in Mid April.

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