Project Spectrum Fire ATC's

Here are my two completed Project Spectrum ATC's that were sent out yesterday for a Swap Bot Swap. They were so much fun to create. As I have been trying to focus on the colors related to the first element "Fire" (Reds, Oranges and Pinks) I have discovered that I don't have nearly enough of this element in my everyday surroundings. It's strange that I have discovered the colors I gravitate towards are more water and earth bound, even air. As I pondered this I think that it's partially due to my own Fiery nature. I'm a Scorpio and have a "Fiery" disposition at times. I'm very passionate and perhaps I don't need to add a lot of fire in my surroundings because of this. But, I think I need touches of it here and there especially in winter, a bit more warmth can't hurt as long as it's balanced.


R2K said...

: )

Lolly said...

i just love your inspiration for these! beautiful work and execution! i am a scorpio too, but i have to admit that i tend more toward earth, for some reason. (I can't wait till next month!)

best wishes~