March of the Tools~Behind the scenes @ Work

In keeping with the March of the Tools entries this one is dedicated to the tools I use everyday for my job. This photo illustrates the key tools I use for my job. Included in the photo are:
2)Wacom Tablet
4)Speakers-For listening to Podcasts, music or books on tape while I work.
5)Measure Master Calculator-Essential and makes quick conversions from feet to Inches or to Metric.
6)Glasses-To see all the better with.
7)Architects Scale Ruler
8)Yarn Poms-To choose colors for the designs and to better illustrate the real color rather than on screen representation of.


Lorri said...

I've been checking out everyone's tools. It's so funny because I didn't even think about electronics! What would we do without them.

DAWN said...

Your desk is so neat and orderly. Did you do that special for the photo shoot? Probably not. My computer desk is shared by the family so it is a mish/mash of all kinds of junk.