All Things Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival '08

I have to say I was totally unaware of the magnitude of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I attended this last weekend. I attended on Saturday with a friend and her 4 year old daughter. The weather was a perfect spring day! The festival was VERY crowded, having no basis of comparison I don't know if it was more or less crowded than normal. I have realized that I am not a crowd person so this was a lesson in exercising extreme patience. I continued to look on the bright side by taking in all the wonderful yarn, the beautiful animals (sheep, lama, rabbits etc.), the beautiful drive in the country, my best friends birthday, viewing the experience in the eyes of a 4 year old. All this was good; for the most part. My friends daughter was very excited to see the sheep and started the day by running excitedly and falling immediately, skinning her knee. Because she was so upset and in pain, she was afraid of the sheep and need her knee fixed up. So, she and mom found a food line of choice to wait in while I went to hunt down a band aid back at the entrance to the fair. About 30 min later, I returned with Cotton Candy, a crayola band aid and they were at the front of the food line. Things improved from there, we had a picnic in a shady spot, watched the Sheep herding and did a little shopping before heading out. I must say that the events of the day as they occurred saved me some serious cash. Next year I will budget both my time and money, arrive earlier, and be more mentally prepared for the crowds and the show.

1. Maryland-Sheep and Wool-2008, 2. My Levin & Raja fleece from Y33 aka Opal, 3. Brooks Farm, 4. DSC00197.JPG, 5. IMG_5133, 6. Sheep, 7. Ramy, 8. Snuggly Sheep, 9. hello there, 10. 2008 Sheep to Shawl competition, 11. Sheep Shearing, 12. Sheep and Goat Cheese, 13. Line of cars waiting to enter, 14. Lamb, 15. double horn Jacob sheep, 16. Fibre Co. Organik, 17. Tess' Superwash Merino Lace, 18. MDSW 2008: Brooks Farm, 19. Eat our dust!, 20. Closer
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I did bring home a few wonderful things from the show; Yarn, soap, needles, a pattern, some herbal moth repellent, a few plants from Putnam Hill Nursery and a beautiful pewter pin.

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welcome to the blog world.. I am coming up to one year. I never thought I would start a blog, but happy I did.. but of course my sister pushed me a bit. It is a good way to keep track of events and my progress.