All Around ABC Carpet

window display at ABC~this was very minimalist for them. i fell in love with their window displays when i first visited this store in 1996. they always amaze me and don't disapoint.

cute message board in the children's section. i love to look at the children's section for inspiration. these fun little vignettes are a complete, wonderful world of fantasy and make believe. who wouldn't want to live in that surrounding?

bright and fun display of Soolip products also in the children's section.

these blank journals were a favorite of mine in the stationary section on the first floor. i didn't write down the name of the bookmaker but i believe she is Danish? they are handmade, blank and have these little "bits" sprinkled randomly on pages throughout the book. if you happen to know the name of this book maker please get in touch or leave a comment.

love these~cork wrapped glassware.

these beautiful necklaces caught my eye among all the gorgeous jewelry. of course being a "fibers" major any unique use of fabric catches my eye and the lovely use of silk as cording was just stunning. the two on the outside of the display reminded me of the vintage necklaces with the big chunky beads wrapped in fabric~do you know the ones?

this tabletop display was so inspiring to me because of the mixture of old vintage looking teacups and china with more modern earthenware. i am always struggling to mix these two styles in my own home so i found this one of the more intriguing tabletop displays.

okay this funky, shaggy chair wasn't at ABC but was at a furniture store right down the street on Broadway btwn 17 & 18th...very fun!

PS. i take notice of bloggers who do and don't use capitals and i am switching to the latter for speed of getting things published. from here forward i will only use capitals for names of People, Places and Companies. i do hope no one takes offense!


DESIGN DIG said...

i would love to take a nap in the shaggy chair!

Tristessa said...

Keep up the good work.