Mothers Day at the Textile Museum

I took my mom to the Mother's Day Program and Tea: "The Language and Secrets of Wearing Japanese Kimono" with Ann Marie Moeller and Norie Watanuki
This is one time where being a shorty got me the privlege of being choosen from the audience to have the kimono dressing demonstrated on me! Wow, it was so fun, somehow the color they choose was complimentary to me and I was dressed just right to be able to take off my jacket. It took Norie about 40 minutes to fully dress me and she demonstrated two different ways of tying the obi. There are more photo's here . The kimono did keep my posture perfect and it also made it a bit hard to breath (and sit but traditionally I'd be kneeling). This was such a memorable mothers day for both my mom and I! I'm sure I won't have an opportunity like this again and I didn't want to take it off.

"Ann Marie Moeller, collector and historian of traditional Japanese textiles, and Norie Watanuki, certified kimono dresser, discuss the complexity of selecting a kimono and obi and the messages conveyed by the choices. "~ The Textile Museum

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