ICFF Lighting

i am always drawn to lighting that is unique and uses new or unusual materials. this year at ICFF there were quite a few lighting vendors that caught my eye.

i don't have all the vendors names since i went for work and it was not my main focus but i do have some images to share.
from sparkles, to handmade papers, beautiful patterns and 3-d surface formations lighting is showing a strong presence and it's more creative than ever.
these feather pendant lights and handmade paper lamps were personal favorites of the show.

Josh Urso uses fabrics that have been formed and "frozen" in space. he also has a beautiful line of furniture using the same technique of molding and shaping fabric and rope into solid forms.

a very eclectic chandelier using found objects all unified by white.


cici said...

Wow love the designs... especially the feathers.. Must be EXPENSIVE.

Bobby said...

yep! the feathers win hand's down!