Goodbye American Plum Tree~Sad Arbor Day

Arbor Day was officially on April 25th but this weekend I spent several hours on Sunday at the Mo. Co. Arbor Day events at the County Extension office giving tours of the Demo gardens there. I woke up on Sunday prepared to go to Yoga and then volunteer, then I looked out our back windows and sadly discovered our tree had come down! We didn't plant this American Plum but it seemed healthy enough despite a wicked drought last year (I did water the tree). The roots just came right up out of the ground in the heavy winds and the tree came over without breaking a branch. I asked my husband not to get the saw out just yet and I consulted with an Arborist on Sunday and it was as I thought, not a tree that could be saved. I said my good bye's, thanked the tree for it's shade and wildlife refuge. I picked out a tiny Eastern Redbud that I planted on Sunday and will replace this beautiful Plum with a beautiful Red Maple soon. I'm so glad I took lots of photo's of this beauty while in bloom this spring.

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