Spring Cleaning: Internal and External

I always like to start Spring by airing out the house, cleaning out the flower beds, cutting back dead materials in the garden and doing a good deep cleaning which I usually do over a 2-3 week period. This year I am extending that tradition to include a personal internal cleanse as well. There seems something symbolic about doing these routine cleanings. I know I feel better when my home is fresh and clean so I am treating my body to the same as my house. I've been eating healthy, taking an herbal cleanse formula and have abstained from Alcohol and so far it feels great. I hope this will become at least a 2 or even better 4x per year tradition and doing so as the seasons change seems a great time to go through a physical and spiritual cleanse as well. I hope this cleanse will help me to follow the path in front of me more easily as all the obstacles have been cleared away.

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