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MSH 11.07
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I've had my eye on this group on flickr and have been tempted to join for several months now. Okay, so today I broke down and did it. I was intimidated by some of the strange/offbeat subjects for the scavenger hunts but decided I'd give it a try. Being the last day of the November hunt I went ahead and managed to pull together all 20 from existing photo's in my pool! The fun is in having to find out about those strange subjects and use your creativity to find things that relate. For example Photo # 3 (from top left) was "Brotherhood of Man" which I found out was a Brit Pop band who had a popular song called "Save your Kisses for me" & I posted a picture of my brother trying to get a kiss. It was a bit of a stretch but that's how the game goes. The more relevant and unique your photo's are the higher your photo's are scored but personally I don't care about that portion of it. I just find it amusing to look at your photo's in a different way and to have "assignments" to go out and photograph things if you don't have them in your existing photo pool. I'll post my completed Mosaics when completed each month.


deanna said...

Cute blog....I love your pic of the baked onions!

Mirawyn said...

I love that scavenger hunt thing! I've already joined for December. :) Blog Love 2 has turned out to be really fun...