"As the holidays approach, you may be preparing yourself to gather with family members you don’t usually spend time visiting...you can call upon your inner strength to stand in your truth and simply be who you are without needing their approval or heeding any criticism. Then, you can offer them the gift you’d like to receive when you also allow them to be themselves.
Being in situations that we might not choose for ourselves allows us to see ourselves in a new light. The contrast helps us to see our own strengths and weaknesses, and to learn to accept others for theirs. Part of the magic of family is the way in which it bonds diverse people together, allowing them to function as a complete unit. Who we are today has been built upon our past. If nothing else, rejoining with the family and friends who knew us in our earlier days allows us to recall where we came from so that we can appreciate all that we’ve been given." ~Exerpt from Nov. 21st Daily Om

I wanted to take a moment this morning while all is still quite to be thankful for every moment of my life. I am truly blessed with wealth of spirit, health and wonderful family and friends whom I love so dearly~Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

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