Smokin Hot Black Friday Party

The Friday after Thanksgiving we had our 3rd annual Black Friday holiday party. This year it was a fairly large group of friends and family. We had a very funny "Black Elephant" gift exchange, tree trimming, a fire (in a fire pit-outside), warm mulled cider, lots of food, a specialty "Black Martini" and a really great time overall. The party certainly has gotten me into the holiday cheer and I've finished decorating the tree. Seems so early but it will just give us more time to enjoy it this year. This party really came about by my disgust for the consumerism of Black Friday and I choose to boycott shopping (by way of keeping busy cooking for the party) on Black Friday and the rest of the holiday weekend. I'm going to try to give all handmade (by me or other artists/craftspeople) items this year with the exception of some "charitable" gifts. Last year we gave all the kids in the family Defenders of Wildlife Wildlife Adoption gifts in animals of their choosing. I'm thinking along those same lines again this year but obviously we won't do quite the same thing.

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