Birthday Resolution-More Museums

Instead of just making New Years resolutions I decided I would make one resolution each year on my birthday. So yesterday being my birthday I do hereby pledge to see one or two museums every month for the next year! I'll also post more info on these visits here on my blog.
I spent my birthday evening attending a wonderful lecture at the Textile museum with Gerhart Knodel as the speaker. It was so inspiring listening to him talk about his tenor as an educator at Cranbrook academy. The topic was "Hot House: Expanding the field of fibers at Cranbrook 1970-2007"
My original interest in going to this lecture was that two of my beloved college professors went to Cranbrook and studied under Gerhard Knodel. I was totally blown away by the many notable fiber artists alumni who are so successful in the field of Fibers today. Among them are, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Joan Livingstone, Wesley Mancini, Fuyuko Matsubara, Piper Shepard, Chad Alice Hagen, Nick Cave, & Bhakti Ziek to name a few. Please see the exhibition website for works by these artist and links to their sites. The tremendous success of these individuals says so much about the quality of education at Cranbrook and the talent of Gerhart Knodel. These individuals have and continue to pioneer the field of fiber arts and are creating contemporary works of art that break the boundaries between art and craft. The attention to detail, exquisite quality, insightful commentary on society and conceptual/experimental approach of these artists is truly inspiring!

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Sarah said...

I need to jump on that bandwagon. Museums keep my mind and creative flow from stagnating. I'll add this to one of my b-day resolutions (mine is in 2 weeks) Happy birthday 1 day late! Love, Sarah