Monticello Wreath Making Workshop with Mom

The finished wreath has a boxwood base of greenery and features magnolia, holly, osage orange, dried orange pieces, dried okra sweet gum balls and poppy as well as other various greens and dried things from the garden. I wanted a wreath that was a contemporary take on a traditional craft. I really love it. This ptoject was so much fun especially since my Mom and I drove to Monticello together to take the workshop.

Once the base was covered we hung the wreath up on a stand to begin adding the "decorations". I was determined to use an Osage Orange as the centerpiece of mine so I began working with the larger pieces and choose an asymetrical format.

The straw based wreath forms were covered first by wiring bunches of evergreen to the form. I used Boxwood with a bit of Holly for my base.

The Supplies were laid out in baskets and bags of materials to use for creating the bases and decorating the wreaths.


natty68 said...

Wow that's a gorgeous wreath :) You must be so proud of it.


Heather said...

Thanks Natty, I really love it and can't believe I made it. It has inspired me to make more in the future or at least "embellish" the store bought kind more creatively. All the decorations they had certainly helped.