A Merry Christmas was had...

Completed and sent Christmas Cards

Christmas morning

Play time...
We had a lovely quiet Christmas starting with my parents coming over for Christmas Eve dinner of Beef Stew and Roasted Pears with pound cake and vanilla ice cream. Since we have no kids and had no house guests we slept in on Christmas day and had a leisurly time with breakfast and opening our gifts (just a few this year). The cats always have such a good time playing with all the paper and wrappings. Later we went to my parents for a nice Ham dinner and then to my Aunt and Uncles for some more festivity. Sorry for no postings, I was a but busy knitting and cooking and knitting and wrapping and did I mention knitting? up until right before we went to my parents. I hope all the gifts we made were well accepted and next time I need to start earlier!

Mom's Fair Isle gift Bag

Dad's felted Bowls

Brendan's handmade picture frames (5 were made)

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