Christmas In Progress

Hot chocolate which will go with Tea bags in these mugs

Forcing Paperwhites (or as my husband calls them the "pee pee flower")

Scarf in Progress

Cards (inspired by these) in Progress


kellypuffs said...

Gorgeous, all of it, especially the cards. :)

It's funny, we were at the farm market this past weekend buying our tree, and I mentioned going in to buy some paperwhite bulbs for forcing (one of my annual traditions too). My fiance grimaced and said "Are those those flowers that smell so bad?"


Heather said...

Ha, that must be the guys overall sentiment about these flowers. I just grow them and keep them in an area that won't annoy my H when they are in bloom and stinky!

Lynda said...

That yarn looks sooo soft and your cards are fabulous! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I must apologize for taking so long to return the visit! Have a great weekend! ~ Lynda xo
ps ~ I've added you to my Flickr contacts!