yippiee~Spoonflower invite

i'm thrilled, i got my much anticipated invite to join the beta site Spoonflower this week. i have been digging out my archive of designs and getting them ready to try colorways, determine scale and figure out which ones i want to print. here is a sneek peak of one. i'm having a hard time deciding how much i want to share so i will be taking it slow to start.

another exciting creative persuit of mine this week was attending an open studio night at a local art center. i found out about it just in time to attend this month. i have not drawn from a live model since college, or aprox. 10 years ago. this was never really my thing but since i draw all day long on the computer and rarely from life with actual pencil and paper i wanted to give it a whirl. what do you know, i can actually draw and doing so without being graded took some of the pressure off. it was quite liberating and i'll be going back now regularly! just to prove i mean it i'm posting a photo of one of the sketches i did. ordinarily i'd be too insecure to show this but i'm moving on, trying to be happy with what i did and not compare myself to others. i never use to draw the heads or faces of the models in school so for me, just attempting to draw the whole figure is huge!

get out there and do some drawing folks, we all can weather it's doodling, drawing people, flowers or landscapes, it's the process not the outcome that's important to practice. i'm going to publish this before i change my mind now.

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