wallcoverings, floorcovering and textiles

this is my favorite group of products at ICFF, both because i work in this field and because i love looking at patterns, feeling textiles, seeing beautiful textures and innovative developments in this field.

Anne Kyyro Quinn's textiles cross the boundaries between floorcovering, wallcovering and the more traditional textile functions. these works are textural, sculptural and bold. they beg to be touched, walked on or leaned against.

Lawrence of La Brea is one of the floorcovering exhibitors that stood out by crossing the boundary from floor to wall with their patchwork rugs made from denim and other textiles.

wall covering was HUGE at this show. there were several exhibitors last year with wallpaper but the scene has literally exploded in the past year. i remember growing up with wall covering and seeing wall covering in almost every home. then in the 80's & 90's it almost disappeared from the market. right now what is being shown is bold patterns, floral, damasks, and printed textures in vibrant colors or graphic black and white. Miss Print~London lines feature simple retro graphics including florals and small scale organic geometrics that are whimsical and cheerful.

British designer Tracy Kendall Jackson uses materials such as sequins, strips of paper, puzzle pieces, larger than life scale florals and other bold prints. the area of texture in wallcoverins is one that is still open to a lot of new possibilities.

Flavor Paper again exhibited with a large booth featuring pop art like images which were geometric, whimsical and more sophisticated in bright colors and metallic finishes.

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