Winter Tendency~Daily OM

I just loved the following exerpt from a recent Daily OM. If you don't know about them, check out their site, or sign up for their daily emails or horoscopes.

"We humans have a tendency to yearn for the light, for the coming of spring, and for the more visible phase of growth that all things express in coming to be. In our love for what we can see with our eyes we sometimes lose patience for, and interest in, the world of darkness that nurtures and protects the seeds, bulbs, and babies of the world for such an important part of their life cycles. It is a perilous and mysterious phase of growth, and one that we have little control over, and perhaps that is why we don’t celebrate it with quite the same passion as we do the lighter and brighter phases of life."

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DAWN said...

Very good. Thank you for sharing that passage. I love Daily Om. I get the horoscopes sent to me everyday.