Reflection on an almost perfect vacation

It was almost perfect and the weather was superb! We had such a great time on the trip visiting with friends in Groton Mass and spending a part of a day in Boston. We took the infamous Duck Tour which we really enjoyed given our limited time in the city. I've seen these tours in various cities and always wanted to try one. Very fun, highly recommended! We stopped in Trinity Church which was beautiful and then had a great dinner at Davios . Part of the fun of this trip was seeing all the great historic architecture and cemeteries in New England. More on the cemeteries coming soon...have too keep that for next week!

We then spent the remainder of our trip in Maine visiting other friends in both Pemaquid and Belfast. We spent an almost full day on the boat in Pemaquid which was just incredible since it was so warm out. Followed by a dinner of fresh lobster and apple crisp to celebrate Jamie's birthday. After the first few days it got cooler and more fall like as we went further north the leaves on the trees were not quite peak but spectacular none the less. It was certainly a nature packed trip with the boat ride, walks on the beach and beautiful drives. We drove through Camden Maine and did a little shopping, wow was that a really beautiful town! I took a ton of photo's as I'm really trying to learn to use my dad's Cannon EOS 30D SLR. There were certainly a lot of photo opportunities and you can see all the pictures here . I hope I didn't annoy my friends too much with my constant straggling behind and wanting to photo document every detail. Anyways, quite perfect except for having to bed hop from location to location. Other than that you gotta go to Maine!

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