goodbye for now

it has been awhile now since i have posted anything of significant value (i feel) & i am sorry for those few faithful people out there who actually read my posts. i have been doing my share of crafting, traveling, cooking, shopping, visiting trade/craft shows etc. but my heart just isn't in it to blog about it for now. i have come to the conclusion after returning from Argentina and having all these wonderful memories of things we saw that to share it here just feels like work. when the time comes that you are doing something because you feel you "should" and not because you really want to than it's time to move on.

for now i would rather be making something than sitting here writing about it (perhaps this is because my full time job involves staring at this same screen!).

my pictures will tell you more than my words can for now & if you enjoy seeing what i'm up to; come visit me (aka WeBees) at flickr where i will continue to post my life experiences in photos.

~things could change here, if they do you will be the first to know.

until i post again, have a safe and happy end of 2008!


Anonymous said...

You are a flickr friend, so I'll see you!!!

cici said...

I know what you mean, Iam feeling a bit overwhelmed myself. Have a great holiday. Time seems to be flying.